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Baby Proofing Professionals in the making.

Before starting our baby proofing business, Infant House, my wife and I were blessed with boy/girl twins.  We took our responsibility very seriously when it came to baby proofing our home; however, we made a lot of mistakes due to lack of information (we weren’t yet Baby Proofing Professionals).  There are a lot of products on the market and some of the most popular and least expensive are not very good. Thankfully we avoided any unintentional baby proofing injuries.  That is when we discovered a market for professionally baby proofing homes for others.  Infant House was launched in 2004.


Infant House is a professional baby proofing privately-owned family business, yes the twins work in the business too! We maintain liability insurance and all other required business documents. We study our business and work with other baby proofing professionals and industry experts to ensure we have the best products, workmanship and client service. Our family is proud to offer baby proofing service in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio areas.

Infant House offers in-home baby proofing consultations and installation services. Additionally, we are often invited to speak and make baby proofing presentations at many new parent events and gatherings and we are happy to bring our many years of experience of keeping children safe.


We asked Jack, the CEO of Infant House, a few questions about his work and personal life.

IH: Jack, what do you like best about professional baby proofing?

Jack: I love working with parents who want to protect their children from injuries in the home. I really feel like I have done my job of raising the awareness of baby proofing when a client says, \”I never thought of that, I am glad I called you!” I sleep really well at night once we have completed the family\’s baby proofing project top to bottom, I know we have done everything we can to help that family avoid the trauma of injury to their children.

IH: What is your favorite item to install and why?

Jack: The challenge of baby proofing stairs with baby safety gates peaks my interest. Every situation is unique.

IH: What is the most common overlooked hazard that you encounter when doing baby proofing evaluations?

Jack: Carbon monoxide detectors. When I discover that a house has gas appliances without carbon monoxide detectors, I stop and have a very serious discussion about the safety of the whole family. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and we recommend at least one CO detector for each level of the home.

IH: What is the most common compliment you receive from your baby proofing clients?

Jack: They say, \”Wow, you are early!” Most clients are used to contractors giving them a 4 hour window and then calling to say they will be late. Not me!

IH: Tell us about your family.

Jack: My wife amazingly puts up with me. You have to understand that as an entrepreneur, I am constantly coming up with ideas. I can bounce 3-4 ideas off her just from the shower every day. She patiently says \”let\’s explore that more later\”. She compliments my business strengths with her accounting expertise, technology skills and her look before you leap logic.

The twins are terrific and work in our baby proofing business when they can between all of their activities. They check in vendor orders and stock our shelves, work in the shop to cut wood parts, sand and finish with paint, and they have certainly loaded more than one baby proofing truck!


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