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Our Baby Proofing Services

Check out a few of the professional-grade baby proofing products and services we offer Houston area parents to protect their little ones.

Electrical safety outlet plates in a variety of colors

Exterior and interior childproof door latches

and more!

What to Expect

Don't rely on cheap products or DIY installation to keep your baby safe.

Houston parents (including Harris County and beyond) start with our in-home childproofing consultation.

  1. We will explore your house together to identify potential hazards for your family.
  2. As we explore, we will build a product list based on our vast experience and your preferences.
  3. Once we create your personalized quote, we recommend taking your time before making your final decision.
  4. We will return to your house at your convenience to skillfully make the modifications you have chosen to protect your loved ones.

Undeniably, Infant House makes baby proofing your house simple. Our top of the line products such as GlideLoks, fireplace baby gates, baby gates for stairs, furniture anchors and superior cabinet locks are just a few of the baby proofing products we install.

Additionally, most installations can be completed in just one day! Contact us today for a safer tomorrow.

The process is simple:

Receive Quote

Schedule installation

Baby proofing your house in the Houston and The Woodlands area is completed

Let our team of professional baby proofing experts offer you the products you need and the installation service you want.

Infant House is currently baby proofing Houston, Texas and the following cities in the area:



West University Place


Hunter’s Creek Village

Spring Valley

Missouri City

Sugar Land

First Colony


Iowa Colony




Cinco Ranch

Jersey Village



The Woodlands


Oak Ridge North




Channel View


La Porte


Nassau Bay





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Baby Proofing Houston Texas is easy when you call Infant House!

Infant House is an Anchor It! community leader.

First off, we collaborate with CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision) to share our safety messages. Infant House receives support from CPSC in the form of social media and website promotion, and access to free safety materials. Lastly, we agree to distribute those safety materials to individuals and organizations within our network.

Fact or Fiction?

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous and kills about 400 people a year.
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Carbon monoxide takes the place of oxygen in our blood stream. It circulates to the brain, heart, and every other organ with every heartbeat. At low levels, carbon monoxide poisoning causes headache, drowsiness, and flu-like symptoms, but without a fever. At higher levels, symptoms may include chest pain, seizures, coma, and death.

Fact or Fiction?

Preterm birth more likely with exposure to phthalates.
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Pregnant women who were exposed to multiple phthalates during pregnancy had an increased risk of preterm birth, according to new research by the National Institutes of Health. Phthalates are chemicals used in personal care products, such as cosmetics, as well as in solvents, detergents, and food packaging.