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Baby proofing Austin, Texas, one baby at time.

Your child’s safety is our priority. Infant House is your Austin area baby proofing company serving the I-35 corridor from Georgetown and Cedar Park, Texas to Dripping Springs and Buda, Texas. Infant House also serves the parents of babies from San Marcos and Lockhart to Schertz and Shavona Park in the San Antonio Texas area. Our in-home consultation will address your concerns along with our extensive checklist. Let us do the baby proofing work and allow yourself to spend that time loving on your family.

Infant House is currently baby proofing Austin, Texas and the following cities in the area:


Bee Cave


Cedar Park

Dripping Springs


Marble Falls

Round Rock





Our Process

At Infant House, we always recommend you start with an in-home consultation. During this consultation, we engage in a two-way conversation with you about your home and family. We will go room-by-room, covering an eight-page checklist as we make recommendations, give samples, listen to your feedback, and provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision for your home.

After the consultation, we will provide you with a detailed quote. Please take your time in reviewing the quote before making a decision. Childproofing your home is an important step and we like to give clients time to allow them to feel confident in their decision before moving forward. Once the decision is made, our professionals will return at a time that is convenient for you to install your selected items.

With Infant House, baby proofing is simple. With our high-quality line-up of baby safety gates, cabinet locks, furniture restraints, electrical solutions, GlideLoks, and more, you can rest assured your home will be protected. We usually take care of baby proofing your home in just a few hours. Call now to get in touch with one of our experts and secure your home today.

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Childproofing your house is completed

Let our team of professional baby proofing experts offer you the products you need and the installation service you want.

Fact or Fiction?

My hot water heater is set at 120 degrees and the water cannot burn skin.
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120 degree water takes about 10 minutes to cause burns. Whereas, 140 degree water would only take about 3 seconds. Probably less time for a baby since their skin is thinner.

Fact or Fiction?

The desiccant silica gel packets, found in a box of new shoes, purses, vitamins and electronics, that are labeled “DO NOT EAT” are poisonous if ingested.
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While these are packets are a choking hazard for young children, they are non-toxic. They won’t hurt your child if they swallow some.