At Infant House, we want to see babies grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

Our process provides education to the parents along with the products needed to give your child a safer home. We want to leave your home knowing you and your child(ren) are comfortable in their new environment. Your child’s safety is our goal and your peace of mind is our priority. Furthermore, these services can extend to places your child frequents as well: day cares, doctor’s offices, and other caregiver locations. We love to spread the word to these and other parent groups. Call Infant House today to schedule a baby proofing consultation and take that first step in protecting your family.


Before starting our baby proofing business, my wife and I were blessed with boy/girl twins. We took our responsibility very seriously when it came to our baby’s safety. However, we made mistakes due to lack of information (we were not Baby Proofing Professionals yet). Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market and after extensive research, we discovered the most popular and least expensive are not always very good. It was then that we determined other parents should know this information too, and Infant House was launched in 2004.


Infant House continues to be a privately-owned family business. Coupled with our growth, we continue to study our industry to ensure we have the best products, workmanship, and client service. Our family is proud to offer baby proofing services in multiple locations throughout Texas: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio areas.

Infant House consultants and installers are trained, courteous, professional and all have undergone a background check.

"The best gift you can give your baby is you. The love and attention you give your baby now will stay with him or her forever and will help your baby grow into a healthy and happy child and adult."

Childproofing Houston, Dallas, Austin Texas

Fact or Fiction?

If something tastes bad, such as moth balls or detergent gel packs, babies won’t eat it.
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Babies eat poisonous products that don’t taste good because their tasted buds are not fully developed. If this happens, contact poison control immediately.