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The Infant House childproofing experts serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Texas will bring you peace of mind. Babies learn very quickly in their first year. For parents, it is a welcome surprise to see how soon they begin exploring their world. Before this happens, you will want to childproof your home to ensure your child’s safety and allow yourself to relax.  We are grateful for Google reviews and Yelp reviews.

Childproofing Experts

We have worked with thousands of families since 2004, we love what we do and it shows with terrific reviews and testimonials from our clients. Our childproofing experts are highly trained, insured professionals. Each of our childproofing experts has undergone an extensive background check and is ready to be childproofing your home.

What our clients say:

Christina P. wrote a Dallas Texas Google review:

Wow I’m shocked at how good and professional everything looks! Now that my baby is on the move we realized nothing in our house is safe lol so they came up with beautiful solves to keep him safe and also keep our house looking beautiful. Johnathan installed everything, he’s nice as can be, so professional and everything looks beautiful. Mike came out access the house and provide recommendations. That guy has a wealth of knowledge and that appointment alone helped us better understand cautionary areas that I didn’t even think of. Can’t recommend them enough.

Kristina R. wrote a Dallas Texas Google review:

Infant house of Dallas did an amazing and professional job baby proofing our house. We had a difficult part of our house to baby proof and they came up with a solution that also looked great in the end. Would highly recommend them.

KP wrote on a Dallas Texas Google & Yelp review:

..detailed explanations of everything and anything we asked. From the initial phone call, mid way, to install. Never made us feel like we were asking too many questions! On the day of the install, everything turned out perfectly!! We LOVE our gates. We were accustomed to having white gates that didn’t match our railing, but these black sleek gates are so seamless and perfect! Way better than our old ones! We were impressed with the gates and with [Infant House’s] expertise, professionalism, customer service, and follow through. Thank you so much!!! Highly recommend 🙂

Veronica C. wrote on a Houston Texas Google review:

After a lot of searching, I chose Infant House to install the baby gates on our complicated stairs. They were prompt and arrived right when we discussed. The gates are aesthetically pleasing and super sturdy at the same time, which is exactly what I needed. They’re also simple to open and close with one hand. My baby isn’t mobile yet, but I can sleep better knowing that I’m ready for when it happens. Thank you!!

Luke B. wrote a review:

…did a great job of troubleshooting to find the best solutions for our issues – very pleased with the result.

Tyler R. wrote on a Dallas Texas Google review:

Infant House of Dallas installed three baby gates in my house. …very professional and thorough throughout the entire process. The install was very professional and we are very glad we chose Infant House. There are some things in life when cheaper is better but for the safety our little one this is not one of them. Great product, great service, and very please all around.

Kristine D-A said on a Dallas Texas Google review:

It feels great to have piece of mind that my toddler is much more safe at home now!

Thomas said on an Austin Texas Google review:

…did a wonderful job adding baby gates to my home, highly recommend them.

Clayton E. said on a Yelp review:

They baby proofed our house.  …very knowledgeable and professional about the house risks to a crawling baby. I thought the products they offered were superior to what I could find at the store, from gates to cabinet locks to electrical outlet covers.  We highly recommend them.

Jessica A. said on a Google review:

… gates, drawer and cabinet locks, toilet locks, etc and all was professionally done.  …installed laches that can set to on or off so that we don’t have to use them all the time and can turn them off as the baby gets older. I highly recommend Infant House…

Rachel M. said on a Google review:

We are so happy with the work that Infant House did for us. Our home is secured for many years to come! The team was very helpful, easy to work with, and efficient with installation. I will absolutely recommend this service to anyone who needs to baby-proof their home!

Abby S. said on a Yelp review:

I am so thankful to Infant House of Dallas for the peace of mind that they provided when we moved into our new home. [Infant House Childproofing Experts] was incredibly professional and quick and came out and gave a very thorough inspection of the home to recommend products that would work best for the safety of our children. Installation followed shortly after – we couldn’t be more pleased with the products. We had gates installed at the top and bottom of the stairs, magnetic locks for the cabinets (thank goodness!) – and locks on each of the doors upstairs. Thank you again to Infant House for providing an extra layer of safety and protection in our home.

Kaitlynn W.  said on a Google review:

I highly recommend this company very professional and looks amazing!! Thank you

Caesar V. said on a Google review:

I worked with [Infant House Childproofing Experts] from obtaining a walkthrough service, custom quote, and several changes to our order and ultimately install. The kitchen magnet locks on the cabinets and drawers are great! We also had a chimney area that we needed covered and [Infant House] helped us configure a gate solution which has been great. Thank you, Infant House!

Felicia said on a Google review:

Thank you Infant House [Childproofing Experts] for helping us babyproof our new home and helping us figure out the best and safest solutions for our little one! The consult and installation service was perfect and we learned so much! Customer service and pricing options were excellent as well! We couldn’t ask for a better experience! We look forwarding to working with you again!

Sandra B. said on a Google review:

[They] did a great job baby proofing our house. [They were] very professional, affable, and thorough. Thanks for all that was done!

Alyssa K. said:

From start to finish, Infant House made the baby proofing process simple and stress free. We have a unique staircase with wider banisters, we tried to install 3 different store bought gates and all were unsuccessful. Then we found Infant House!

Save yourself the time and stress and call Infant House from the start! I know our needs will evolve as our family grows and we will absolutely call them again in the future.

Paul S. said:

Very impressed with the work of Infant House. [They} performed an extremely thorough inspection of our house, and wrote up a detailed quote with a room by room breakdown. [They] had the creativity to come up with a custom baby gate solution that blends in nicely with our decor. Would recommend to anyone who would like assistance baby proofing their home.

Christine E. said:

Infant house came out to our house and installed two stair baby gates and a large gate for our living room. Look great and very functional. Would recommend them for any house with toddlers!

Prerna D. said:

I had a very tricky staircase for installing baby gates. Infant House figured out a great solution, and I felt so much better knowing my littlest was safe. Peace of mind. Thanks for your service. Highly recommend.

Yang I. said:

We tried to baby proof our house in our spare time but it was difficult to find the time and patience, plus there’s so much that needs to be baby proofed! Infant house answered our call right away and were able to meet us for consultation shortly after. They did a room to room review and were very professional and thorough. I definitely recommend them if you’d like to save yourself precious time that you could spend with your little one and let the pros do their work.

JC C. said:

Infant House took care of our home’s baby proofing faster than expected. I really like the products and service. Infant House baby proofing company is number one with me. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make their homes a safer place for their little ones.

Lauren M. said:

Our experience with Infant House has been amazing.  They are responsive, professional  and polite. We had them baby proof our house and then decided we needed more.  The service “after the sale” that Infant House provided is top notch. Thank you Infant House, we will recommend you to our family, friends and neighbors.

Candace G. said:

very knowledgeable of industry standards. It’s obvious [Infant House] is well versed with products to meet the needs of different homes. [Infant House] understood our needs and was able to exceed expectations.  We feel much better knowing our home is safe for our LO.

Dianne M. said:

From the first telephone call to find out more about their services to the day of installation, the experience could not have been better.   We could not be happier with the quality of the products and the installation. We are so grateful to have found Infant House. It is just superior in every way and we would never consider using any other place! Thank you!

Luke E. said:

Infant House is amazing! Very knowledgeable employees who know all the necessary things to protect your little ones. Whether it’s a custom fit gate on a unique staircase(or in a simple doorway), magnetic cabinet locks(my favorite), furniture straps, door stops, outlet covers, or door locks they’ve got you covered. They install everything carefully and securely so that you won’t be worried about it functioning properly. Thank you Infant House for your great service and help in protecting my kids!

Donna R. said:

Worried about little ones (of the 2 OR 4 legged kind) wandering off into the pool area or having an accident on the gorgeous, freshly restored, antique Persian rug? Worry no more! “Infant House” will put you at ease and they won’t force you and your family to dine only on tuna fish sandwiches for a month! I called and left a voicemail at “Infant House” because my beloved Boston Terrier, “Arthur” has developed epilepsy and his vet told me he must be kept away from the pool when he is on his own! Also, in preparation for putting my house on the market, I am installing expensive, new wall-to-wall carpeting and little Arthur has long thought that a certain area upstairs is his own private toilet. Infant House to the rescue! In less than 2 weeks from my initial voicemail to completion, Arthur only can venture upstairs under my watchful eye! “Infant House” works quickly, professionally, and is reasonably priced! I highly recommend them!

Charlsi T. said:

We had a very tricky staircase for installing a baby gate. Infant House figured out a great solution, and I felt so much better knowing my littlest was safe. Peace of mind for sure!

Sheila B. said:

We recently had our daughter and family come to live with us for a while. Our grandson is 15 months old and at that stage where he never stops and wants to investigate everything! We tried to baby proof our house ourselves but were finding it difficult to find baby gates for our extra wide door openings, some 65-80 inches wide. I had no idea there were professionals to do this for you until I Googled it. Thankfully, we found Infant House! We had them install six gates, magnetic drawer and cabinet locks (coolest things ever) and some other miscellaneous items.  If you’re in need of baby proofing do not hesitate to call Infant House!

Brittany F. said:

Infant House did an awesome job installing baby gates on our stairs in a timely, efficient, & cost-effective way. Thank you, Infant House!

Meghan H. said:

They did a great job attaching heavy furniture to the studs in my house. Plus they cleaned up all of the dust/mess from the drilling with their own vacuum. We will definitely use them again, in the event that we move.

Aneel M. said:

We used them for baby proofing and they were very professional and reasonably priced. They take the time to go over everything in detail and even let you make changes (add or remove items) the day of the install. They make it very easy, bring everything they need, and everything was installed with no issues. We had some unique situations in our house and they were even able to resolve those. Highly recommend them!

Matt & Jenn C. said:

We hired [Infant House] to baby-proof our home prior to our arrival, as we were moving in from out of state with small kiddos. [They] did a great job making sure the house was ready for us, and even came back several weeks later to swap out — at no charge — a lock that wasn’t working as we needed it to. I’d highly recommend Infant House to anyone looking for professional baby proofing.

Ryan P. said:

Did an excellent job installing baby gates on our difficult stairs. The gates look and work great. Nice and personable while working. Would definitely recommend for baby proofing services.

Veronica T. said:

Our baby gate installation went seamlessly! [Infant House] was very helpful and was great to work with. Now we have baby gates for our stairs that blend with our railing and will be great for protecting our kiddos. I would definitely recommend this company.

Sarah R. said:

Amazing, quality work! I would highly recommend Infant House to family and friends! On time and quick to respond for quotes and they were able to install within days! Very happy with the look of the stair gates along with the function and safety it will add for our two little ones!

Katie M. said:

As new parents, Infant house was extremely helpful to my husband and me in our attempt to baby proof our home from our increasingly mobile baby. [Infant House] was terrific – not only informative, but also very responsive and professional. [They] made sure the job was done correctly. I would highly recommend the Infant House team.

Ramin R., MD said:

 … Infant House was amazing! …great job, on time. …very clean, organized, and helpful. Pricing was very fair!

Kimberly K. said:

Infant House was very knowledgeable when it comes to infant/child safety and “baby-proofing” ones home. They took the time to come out and walk through each room and provide their recommendations on products and services. Based on their recommendations, you can select the services/products that best suite your needs at the time. We have a large 5500 sq ft home and did quite a bit of baby-proofing including all new safe plug outlets in the home and lock/magnetic systems in the kitchen on all the cabinets and drawers. I would recommend Infant House of Dallas to anyone looking for these types of services!

Jennifer S. said:

Infant House did an amazing job. They came out and installed several gates and baby proofed many areas of the house. They even gave me suggestions on other things I should do to baby proof, like moving end tables that could be easily pulled over onto one of the girls. I received a very thorough quote and I could pick and choose which items I wanted installed by the professionals and which I could do myself.

Infant House saved me a lot of time and made sure my girls would be safe. I would recommend them to anyone looking to baby proof their homes.

Zane W. said:

Infant house came out and baby proofed our home. I originally attempted to do it my self at first, what a mess, and waste of my time. Infant house came out and set everything up in our home that was need to keep our baby safe, best decision ever.

Lindsey P. said:

What a relief.  Infant house came in and literally solved all of my baby proofing problems with in days.  I mean I have every cabinet, desk, dresser, door etc etc etc done and it was ALLOT trust me I could have never done it on my own.  The work was seamless, and [Infant House] was very professional [they] didn’t leave behind any mess or trash it was like [they were not] even there.  All the equipment and products [they]installed have had ZERO problems for the last year I think they will last forever and they could even add value to the house.  Most items can easily be put into a mode where they are not function-able so in the future when my children get old I wont still be fighting the child locks, but if a new family moves in with children/babies it will already be done.  I don’t mind paying if the work is good and the quality is good.  I thought it was high at first but after he installed everything it was worth every penny and now I can’t imagine not having the installation.  I would recommend [Infnat House childproofing experts] 100% to anyone that wants to get their house proofed or even just a few items.

Silvia W. said:

I’m a busy mom but I wanted to take a moment to review Infant House because I think they are a very professional company and merit a good review.  [Infant House childproofing experts] came to our home on time and  reviewed all the rooms with us pointing out the important issues. At the end we decided to have [them] install the gate in our stairs…   The installation was fairly quick and [they] cleaned after the job was done. There are multiple reasons why I would recommend this company: Prompt answer, courteous staff, good workmanship and, decent prices.  You can call them and they will guide you through the whole process. Thanks Infant House!

Michaela H. said:

I was so thankful to have these guys come and baby proof our house. We walked the house together to discuss all of our options and then picked and chose the things that we felt were the most important. They put gates on our stairs (perfect ones that matched and blended with our iron banisters), tethered all dressers and TVs to the walls, put magnetic locks on cabinets, door stops, cord cleats, toilet locks, etc. They worked with my schedule to come when I could be around and were so fast, professional and efficient.  I know that there are some things that my husband and I maybe could have done ourselves, but having it DONE and done right, and quickly was worth every penny.

Catherine W. said:

They did a great job of installing just the right amount of products to make our home safe for our little boy. We have a unique step down and they suggested a removable baby gate that actually looks nice; it is not the eye sore that I was scared it would be. In addition, we have several pieces of furniture that needed to be adhered to the walls and the straps are almost completely invisible to the eye. Although it is now a “baby proofed” home, it doesn’t look it, which is what I wanted.

Liga D. said:

I had a great experience with Infant House, we bought a new home and my main concern was to make sure my baby is safe in the new environment. Our initial consultation was extremely informative and educational. I learned so much more about baby safety. The workmanship was great and people very nice. I definitely would recommend Infant House to my friends.

Rebecca L. said:

…Infant house was Kind, courteous, professional, and well spoken. [They are] very up front on all information provided and didn’t try to over sell. Thanks so much, Infant House.

Kristen N. said:

[Infant House Childproofing Experts] came in May of 2016 before my baby came in June. [They were] honest about what we needed and what may be excessive. We had unique needs in that our stairways (X3) were extra wide and had uneven bases with wrought iron banisters-[they] customized the gates perfectly. Our baby started crawling at 7 months old and I am so glad we had all of this done beforehand! We also had some additional changes we wanted to make just recently; I emailed [Infant House Baby Proofing Company] on a Monday and [they were] out on Tuesday- on time, and completed all requests efficiently. I highly recommend Infant House- its worth it!

Amyjo J. said:

After several attempts at installing a baby gate myself and only being left with holes in the wall and no gate after a few weeks, I was really excited to meet [Infant House Childproofing Experts]! [They] came out and I had no hope that [they’d] be able to fix my mess, but sure enough [they] did.  [They have] special pieces that allow the gate to be installed without drilling into the banister, as well. We also ordered several of the over-the-door slide locks and I absolutely love these.  With Infant House we had the option to order parts from them and have them install or install ourselves. We did a mix of both to fit within our budget. Thank you Infant House for helping us keep our house baby proofed!

Demond K. said:

Installed a great baby gate for our DAMPA Studio B where we have infants running around! Great working with [Infant House Childproofing Experts].

Kirsten M. said:

I have an irregular configure stair case so I was really challenged for how we would install the baby gate. Infant House was great. [Infant House] text me pictures and a quote the day that I reached out to him (just so happend to be the day my baby started taking an interest in climbing up the stairs) [Infant House was] able to come out the next morning & install our top & bottom baby gates. It took a few hours of labor. [Infant House] knew the best placement for durability & minimal damage once removed. [Infant House] was super friendly, professional & knowledgeable. I felt comfortably leaving [them] at our house while I went to work.

Kelly G. said:

Absolutely LOVE Infant House! Very honest, professional and punctilious. As a first time mother I did not have time to do the extensive research on the best baby products when it comes to child proofing or even the proper way to do it. By hiring Infant House they made the entire process completely stress free. [We] started with the consultation where [Infant House] took the time to examine every square inch of my house and explained what my options were. [Infant House] brought things to my attention that I would have never thought would be such a child safety hazard, but I am so glad [they] did!!! Great experience. I highly recommend Infant House… This is a MUST for any first time mother!!!

Gina M. said:

Couldn’t be happier with Infant House. [Infant House] knew I was anxious to get the baby gates in after the consultation so [they] scheduled me quickly following the consultation. [They] spent the day at my house taking [their] time to do a good job. I am extremely pleased with [their] work. [They were] very friendly and did an excellent job of ensuring my kiddos will stay safe. It was worth the cost and I will certainly recommend them.

Janie S. said:

I recently used Infant House to baby proof our new 4 bedroom/3 bathroom house. [Infant House] spent about an hour during the consultation going room by room pointing out safety hazards and making recommendations. [They were] very thorough and educational. [Infant House ] finished the job faster than expected. They were very clean and professional. I thought overall, Infant House was a great choice, and we now have the peace of mind that our son can play in a safe area. Thank you Infant House!

J.V. said:

I would highly recommend Infant House for your child proofing needs. We tried doing some things ourselves and found lesser products that were not installed properly by us.
Infant House has years of experience and offers the safest, most stable products available. We compared their products to retail and found their prices to be right in line.
The consultation was informative and showed me many hazards that I had not considered. We were able to choose among a few different options in many cases. The gates are great and blend right into our staircase, without any holes in our banister.

Jennifer J. said:

[Infant House] was incredibly responsive, prompt, and courteous. [They were] knowledgeable of products, and gave me terrific recommendations. They performed the job efficiently and were very tidy too! I would definitely hire Infant House again, and would recommend them to anyone!
They installed gates at the top and bottom of staircase, secured three pieces of furniture to the walls, and provided us with a top-of-the-line ladder to use for our “escape plan” from our second story.

Lynn L. said:

[Infant House] returned my call quickly, was up front about pricing, was prompt, cleaned up any mess made by drilling and didn’t even break for lunch. Will call again if needed or to baby proof the in-laws house.

Jennifer H. said:

This is the second time we’ve used Infant House childproofing experts. They baby-proofed our last house for our first baby, then we moved and they are going to do the same service in our new home. Infant House put in gates on the staircase – top and bottom, replaced all the outlet covers with safety covers, put child-proof latches on cabinets in bathrooms and kitchen, an oven lock, slide locks on several doors, toilet locks, and new door stops, and harnessed several pieces of furniture & the [TV] to walls so they couldn’t tip onto my busy toddler.

Gretchen D. said:

We used InfantHouse to baby proof our first condo when our daughter was born, and then again when we purchased our new home. Years later, we were surprised with twin boys, and we will be using them again to re-enforce what we already have – as well as take a look at new ways to improve and enhance the safety of our home. We love Infant House!

Brad S. MD said:

I had an excellent experience with [Infant House Childproofing Experts]. Both my wife and I are physicians and have seen so many children with injuries or even die as a result of not having a baby proofed house. We knew as our daughter turned 11 months old and started walking that we needed to do something to make our house safe for our child.
I called [Infant House] and [they were] quick to respond to all questions that I had. [They] had very knowledgeable suggestions about what to do to with our house and even pointed out dangerous things that I had not been previously aware of. I had tried to install gates myself which were flimsy and did not fit correctly. [Infant House childproofing experts] gates were strong and screwed into the studs so they would not fall over. [They were] able to come up with custom gate configurations in areas where the adjoining walls did not align with each other.

On another note, one of our gates had a piece [break] off of it. I called [Infant House] up about it and [they] quickly [were] able to come out to fix it at a time of my convenience. In 5 minutes, it was working like new!

I highly recommend Infant House childproofing experts for parents who want to have a truly baby proof house. There is nothing more important than your child’s safety. [They] did an amazing job and now I have no fear of my child getting hurt in the house.

Phyllis B. said:

I could not be more pleased with InfantHouse childproofing experts! The detail in the work done is amazing. Not only is the quality of work excellent, but the punctuality and customer service is as well. We had InfantHouse come out 2 different times. The first time they did such quality work, after changes in the house and purchasing new furniture, we asked them to come out again. It was not a surprise when we were just as satisfied with the installation as the first. Go with InfantHouse!!! You will be assured your house is safe for your little ones!!!

Leacy C. said:

[Infant House Childproofing Experts] was on time, very polite and answered all the questions we had about baby proofing. . . . [They] went though [every] room and explained in detail what would be a must and if we wanted to be ultra careful what they suggested. . . . I was just over all impressed and [they] did not just try to sell you everything in the world you don’t need, [they] truly cared about the safety of the children and not just trying to make money.

James E. said:

Called up [Infant House childproofing experts ] to talk about the work I needed done and what I was looking for. I was worried about gates at our stairwell (top and bottom) and want the gates to have the minimum impact on the walls and stairwell. I sent [them] a few pics, [they] responded with pics of almost the exact situation. [They] came and we got it all done…

Donna S. said:

There was no pressure to purchase after the estimate. …their prices on products are excellent, and they have a lot of hard to find gates. Definitely worth a call if you need to do baby-proofing!

Sarah S. said:

Child proofing our home was the best investment for not only our children’s safety but for my time! Rather than spending time picking up all the things my toddler emptied from the cabinets we can go do other things, fun things. J Quality gates for the stairs and magnet locks are easy to use and effective. Highly recommend!

Kelly B. said:

Our gates look great!! [Infant House] was very professional and courteous. [They] worked around some of our challenging issues so that our gates look great and are extremely safe. I appreciated [them] taking [their] time to get the job done right even though that meant spending more time than [they] expected. Thanks for the excellent service!

Laura V. said:

Infant House is great! We hired them to install baby gates on our stairs when we moved into our new house, and then quickly had them come back to anchor all of our heavy furniture to the walls, televisions, etc. Any time we have needed any adjustment, furniture piece moved, etc., they have been so accommodating and helpful. We highly recommend.

Sherry S. said:

We are so pleased with your baby proofing for our grandbaby Delilah.

J LINK, MD said:

 I was like most first time parents, overwhelmed by the process of baby proofing. Infant House childproofing experts gave me the guidance I needed and secured my home for my baby. I highly recommend you call Infant House [Childproofing Experts] to give you and your family peace of mind. Thank you Infant House!

A Price, MD said:

Infant House . . . listened to my concerns, addressed each one and made safety recommendations for things I’d never considered as a hazard. They were also quick to respond to our needs after the initial installation and returned to our home to make adjustments, free of charge. This is a first rate company that I recommend to parents of babies.

O Ogunji, MD said:

As an ER Physician, I have treated multiple children for preventable injuries due to inadequate baby proofing. With 6 month old twin boys, I knew I would need a partner to help baby proof my home. Infant House’s . . . initial consultation was educational. The installation was professional with only top of the line products. I would highly recommend Infant House for all your baby proofing needs.

J Riekse said:

Hiring a professional baby proofer gave us peace of mind that the job would be done the right way. Infant House childproofing experts nailed down and tied up everything from our bookshelves to our curtains. Now I can let the twins roam freely without worry.

E Kessner said:

We really do love the look of the gates and I feel so free when I keep my grandson now. I don’t have to follow him everywhere.

C Edwards said:

Thank you for your guidance and willingness to listen to our needs. It was especially wonderful to be able to purchase everything from a single location for a cheaper price than other retailers.

Infant House Childproofing Experts

Infant House Childproofing Experts

Professional Installation of the best childproofing products for your home

Infant House childproofing experts will help you choose the right childproofing products. Many of the products our childproofing experts use for childproofing your home cannot be found in retail stores. You can relax with peace of mind with our professional installation of:

Our Process

The best place for you to start with baby proofing your house is with our in-home consultation. Our childproofing experts will go room by room with you with an 8 page checklist. The consultation is a two-way conversation where we will make recommendations, give you some options, show you some samples and then you can make an informed decision for your family’s safety.

Our childproofing experts will give you a quote for baby proofing your house. Please take your time making the final decision on baby proofing your house so you are not making a “rushed decision”. Then we will return at a time that is convenient for you to professionally install the items you have selected.

Baby proofing your house is simple when you call Infant House Childproofing Experts . Our childproofing experts only use the best products and with our professional installation of baby safety gates, cabinet locks, furniture restraints, electrical solutions and much more, you know it will be done right. We usually take care of baby proofing your house in one day.

  • Contact Infant House to schedule a consultation
  • Receive Quote
  • Schedule installation
  • Baby proofing your house is completed