Baby Safety Gates!

Baby safety gates are the number one item we install. Gates are recommended up to 24 months of age of the child and many times parents/child benefit well beyond 24 months. After consultations and customer approval, we professionally install a clamping system to stairway banisters and avoid any damage. Our gates are hardware mounted using screws that are smaller than a pencil. These gates can be removed in seconds and re-attached just as quickly.

These gates are perfect for the growing family and Grandma’s house too!

Baby safety gates are simple when you contact Infant House and you know it will be done right.

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Professional Installation and Consultations

Infant house will help you choose the right products during our in-home consultations. Many of the products we use for baby proofing your house cannot be found in retail stores. You can relax with peace of mind with our professional installation of:

Exterior and interior childproof door latches

Furniture restraints for chest of drawers, bookcases and more

Electrical safety outlet plates in a variety of colors

Various other child safety items based on your needs

In-Home Consultations!

This is the best place to start with baby proofing your home.

Please allow 1 ½ hours as it is very thorough.

You do enough already, allow Infant House to baby proof your home.

Furniture Restraints!

Some children do not survive falling furniture and TVS. We use professional-grade furniture/TV straps to help eliminate these hazards.
The straps are easy for parents to operate and are removable because we know that furniture tends to move around as your family grows.
Contact us today for a safer tomorrow.

Cabinet Locks!

Infant House recommends locking all the cabinet drawers and doors below the countertop. This helps prevent baby cuts from knives, pizza cutters, and scissors as well as unintentional poisonings and chemical burns from cleaning supplies, alcohol, and dish soaps. When we lock all the cabinets, we also eliminate: ingestion of foreign objects such as batteries, medicines and a host of choking hazards. Your locked cabinets will also protect the contents from breakage or damage as well as providing peace of mind for you. Our magnetic childproof cabinet locks are easy for parents to use and almost impossible for a toddler to open.

Our Process

Our in-home consultation is the best starting point when you consider baby proofing your home. A consultation is an excellent tool that allows us to learn more about your family and determine the best options for your home. After you contact us, we will take our time to engage with a conversation with you, discuss the potential hazards of your home, and give our expert recommendations.

Following the consultation, we will give you a quote for baby proofing your house. We advise you to take your time and discuss any potential changes with all caregivers before proceeding with the installation. Once you are confident in your decision, our experts will return at a convenient time for you to install your chosen products.

Baby proofing your home is easy when you contact Infant House. We offer the best products including door/drawer locks, furniture restraints, gates, GlideLoks, and more! As a bonus, we usually take care of baby proofing your home in just a few hours. Rest assured, with our team of experts, you know the work will be done right.

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Fact or Fiction?

Falls are the number one cause of injury in the home.
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Falls cause trauma in the home at an alarming rate. This is why we recommend baby safety gates at the top and bottom of every staircase.