Bathroom Childproof Door Locks in San Antonio

Bathrooms are notoriously dangerous for young children. According to a study on, each year, over 51,000 children in the United States are taken to the ER for injuries they received in the bathroom. Young children can hurt themselves or cause severe damage to your home in the bathroom and simple cabinet or toilet locks aren’t always enough to stop them. However, a GlideLok can prevent access to the entire bathroom. The GlideLok sits on top of the door so children can’t reach it. This makes GlideLok better than the other childproof door locks in San Antonio.

What type of hazards are in the bathroom?


Bathroom Childproof Door Locks in San Antonio

Bathroom Childproof Door Locks in San Antonio

Within your home, some of the most dangerous rooms are bathrooms. Toilets pose a constant hazard to your child for multiple reasons. One reason is that children can pinch their fingers and get them stuck under the toilet bowl lid. even if the toilet bowl lid doesn’t pinch their fingers, toilets are covered in bacteria that can get kids sick. Toilets also pose a drowning risk for your children. Children can drown in just a few inches of water, making drowning just another reason toilets can be dangerous. Finally, children may clog the toilet causing flooding and potentially damaging your home. While toilet locks can be used to prevent these problems, they are less safe than the GlideLok and don’t prevent children from accessing other dangerous things within the bathroom.

Other hazards in the bathroom include similar effects as the toilet. For instance, cabinet doors can pose a potential threat to your child. Your child could pinch their fingers or bruise their body. Also similar to the toilet, cabinets have specific locks that prevent your child’s access, but they aren’t as effective as the GlideLok. The GlideLok is harder for children to reach and also prevents access to a larger area. Another reason you may not want your child in the bathroom is they could potentially cause damage to your belongings or home. Children are naturally curious and as such, they will explore as much as they can. Any open drawers or cabinets are fair game and anything inside is just like a toy. Any jewelry or perfume could be damaged, destroyed, or even flushed down the toilet if your child has enough time.

What are the next steps?

To prevent harm to your child and to prevent damage to your home or your belongings, use the GlideLok. The GlideLok is more accessible than other door locks while also being much harder for children to bypass. Additionally, using the GlideLok prevents you from needing multiple cabinet locks and toilet locks. This is why the GlideLok is the best when compared to other childproof door locks in San Antonio. To take the next step, click here to purchase the GlideLok for your home. If you need help with installation in San Antonio, please contact Infant House or you can click here and look at their Google reviews. Take the next step in protecting your child and purchase the GlideLok today.

Written by J.M.S.

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Baby Proofing Near Me

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Baby Proof Home Office Door Lock in Houston Texas

A room that is often overlooked when it concerns your child’s safety is the home office. While it can be overlooked, it also has the potential to cause severe harm to your child. The home office is full of hazards that you may not even think about. To protect your child from these potential hazards, the best choice is to prevent your child’s access to your home office. The best way to do that is to use a baby proof door lock. The GlideLok is the best baby proof home office door lock in Houston, Texas. With better accessibility and safety features than other door locks, the GlideLok is the best choice to protect your child.

Hazards of the Home Office

We are your Precious Baby Protectors

Baby Proof Home Office Door Lock in Houston Texas

One of the biggest hazards of the home office is the high number of choking hazards. Choking is one of the leading causes of death and injury in children, especially those under four years old. The home office has many of these hazards so you need to prevent your child’s access to it. Some examples of choking hazards include rubber bands, push pins, and paper clips. These things can cause severe harm to your child. To protect your child from harm, the best thing to do is use a childproof door lock. This is better than cabinet locks as these choking hazards are small and can end up on the ground or your child may even climb onto the desk. When looking for the best baby proof home office door lock in Houston, Texas the winner is the GlideLok. The GlideLok can prevent your child’s access to the home office and protect them from the potential hazards within.

Similar to choking hazards, another type of hazard that is common in the home office is strangulation. One of the most common causes of strangulation in the home office is poor wire management. However, even good wire management can still pose a strangulation hazard. Wire management is how wires coming from computers, TVs, and other electronics are organized. In most homes, the wires are loose and tangled. A child can get stuck in the wires and accidentally wrap them around their neck. The best choice to prevent this is a GlideLok as many wires are exposed so access to the room needs to be cut off. Use the GlideLok to protect your child from hazards in your home.

Moving Forward

As you have seen, there are many hazards in the home office that can cause injury to your child. In fact, not just choking and strangulation hazards exist because paper shredders and scissors can also pose potential threats. To protect your child, you should consider what options exist and pick the best one. Baby proof door locks are the best choice to keep your child away from these hazards. When looking for a good baby proof home office door lock in Phoenix, Arizona, the GlideLok is the best due to its accessibility for parents and safety for the child. To purchase the GlideLok, please click here. For help with installation, please contact Infant House serving the Greater Houston area. Additionally, feel free to take a look at their Google reviews. When it comes to your child’s safety, pick the GlideLok.

Written by J.M.S.