Best Baby Proofing Home Services in Houston TX

When you do a Google search for the Best Baby Proofing Home Services in Houston TX , look no further than Infant House. We offer an in-home consultation where we will go room to room with you. We will make recommendations and you say “yes” or “no”. The consultation will take about an hour and a half. At that point, we will put together a quote based on your selections for the products and installation. Now, you decide how to move forward from there.

We install the best baby proof gates in black:

Best Baby Proofing Home Services in Houston TX

Or White:

Best Child Proofing Home Services in Houston TX

And often times without any damage to your staircase. Just like the two pictures above. You can also check out more pictures from our gallery.

Gates are the Number One item we install and we do a whole lot more.

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Baby Safety Gates Houston

Custom installed child & baby safety gates Houston, Baytown, Deer Park and Friendswood, Texas are one of the top items we install. Most parents recognize that falls are the #1 cause of unintentional injury in the home.

Baby safety gates Houston are easy when you call Infant House.

The best place for you to start with baby safety gates in your house is with our in-home consultation. We will go room by room with you with an 8 page checklist. The baby proofing consultation is a two-way conversation where we will make recommendations, give you some options, show you some samples and then you can make an informed decision for your family’s safety.

Our Baby Proof Gates are Toddler Tough

We will give you a quote for baby gates and the other items. Please take your time making the final decision on baby gates in your house so you are not making a “rushed decision”. Then we will return at a time that is convenient for you to professionally install the items you have selected.

Baby gates are simple when you call Infant House. We only use the best products and with our professional installation of baby safety gates, cabinet locks, furniture restraints, electrical solutions and much more, you know it will be done right. We usually take care of baby proofing your house in one day.

  • Contact Infant House to schedule a consultation
  • Receive Quote
  • Schedule installation
  • Baby gates are completed

Custom Installed Child and Baby Safety Gates Houston, Baytown, Deer Park and Friendswood, Texas

Infant house will help you choose the right products. Many of the products we use for baby proofing your house cannot be found in retail stores. You can relax with peace of mind with our professional installation of:

Our Houston Texas Baby Proofing Service Installs Custom Fit Gates