Baby Proof Door Locks in Dallas for Home Theaters

Home Theaters in Dallas can be expensive. For instance, DFW Home Theater has packages ranging between $1,700 and $35,000. After making this sizable investment, you’ll want to ensure that you keep the area clean and keep the equipment protected and working properly. Additionally, a home theater can serve as a risky area for young children, so it may be wise to keep them away from your home theater if you aren’t directly supervising them. The best way to accomplish both of these things is with a GlideLok. The GlideLok is the best when compared to other baby proof door locks in Dallas. With better accessibility than alternatives, you should pick the GlideLok for your home theater.

Baby Proof Door Locks in Dallas for Home Theaters

Baby Proof Door Locks in Dallas for Home Theaters

Why do you need a baby proof door lock?

The biggest concern for any parent is that harm may come to their child. While a home theater may seem relatively safe, there are multiple hazards that you should be wary of. Most home theaters have rows of seats, usually reclining chairs. These can prove to be a hazard to your child whether it is pinching their fingers in the reclining mechanism or potentially getting a limb stuck underneath. Any cabinets or mini-fridges pose a similar problem as closing the doors can also pinch your child’s fingers. Any tables or speakers that are standing alone could be knocked over and hurt your child as well. Finally, even just a few stair steps in your theater can be a hazard for your young child. To avoid these being an issue, pick up one of the baby proof door locks in Dallas to protect your child. The best of these is the GlideLok. The GlideLok has easier access for adults but is more difficult for your young child.

Another reason to get a GlideLok is to protect your Home Theater and prevent any sort of damage or mess. While your child may behave well most of the time, accidents happen. Even the most well-behaved children will accidentally knock things over or spill things. One example would be spilling drinks on the carpet or onto the chairs. Not only does that cause a mess, but it could also be financially burdensome. Your child might accidentally knock over a table or speaker. Not only could this be hazardous as mentioned above, but anything on the speaker or anything on the table might be damaged in the process. The GlideLok helps prevent all of these issues by securing your door so you have control of what rooms your child has access to.

What now?

Now that you understand how your home theater would benefit from a GlideLok, it is time to take the next step. The GlideLok is superior to other baby proof door locks in Dallas because is harder for a child to use while still being easy for the parents. Additionally, the GlideLok rests on top of the door as opposed to on a doorknob, meaning unique door handles don’t pose an issue for the GlideLok. To take your next step and purchase the GlideLok, click here. For help with installation in Dallas, please contact Infant House. If you would like to see their Google reviews, please click here. Take the next step to secure your home theater and purchase the GlideLok today.


Written by J.M.S.

Extra Wide Child Proofing Gates: Fort Worth Texas

Which Baby Safety Gate Do I Need in My House?

We are asked this question by our clients.  The answer is different for every family based on many different factors.  We start installing extra wide child proofing gates: Fort Worth Texas in openings that exceed 60″.  You may want a gate this long to block off areas of the house such as a fireplace or a hallway to rooms that are “off limits” to your child.  Sometimes we use the extra wide child proofing gates: Fort Worth Texas to keep a child in a child proofed room much like a giant play pen.

Extra Wide Child Proofing Gates: Fort Worth Texas

Extra wide child proofing gates: Fort Worth Texas

These extra wide child proofing gates: Fort Worth Texas help prevent injuries.

Extra wide child proofing gates: Fort Worth Texas

Blocking off “off limits” areas with these extra wide child proofing gates: Fort Worth Texas helps eliminate hazards.

Baby Gates!

Baby gates are the number one item we install. Most parents recognize that falls are the #1 cause of unintentional injury in the home.

The best place for you to start with baby gates in your house is with our in-home consultation. We will go room by room with you with an 8 page checklist. The childproofing consultation is a two-way conversation where we will make recommendations, give you some options, show you some samples and then you can make an informed decision for your family’s safety.

We will give you a quote for baby gates and the other items. Please take your time making the final decision on baby gates in your house so you are not making a “rushed decision”. Then we will return at a time that is convenient for you to professionally install the items you have selected.

Baby gates are simple when you call Infant House. We only use the best products and with our professional installation of baby safety gates, cabinet locks, furniture restraints, electrical solutions and much more, you know it will be done right. We usually take care of baby proofing your house in one day.

  • Contact Infant House to schedule a consultation
  • Receive Quote
  • Schedule installation
  • Baby gates are completed

Professional Installation of Baby Gates

Infant house will help you choose the right products. Many of the products we use for baby proofing your house cannot be found in retail stores. You can relax with peace of mind with our professional installation of: