Cabinet Locks are a Baby Proofing Essential

So you decided to baby proof the cabinets in your home.

Cabinet Locks are a Baby Proofing Essential

Cabinet locks are a baby proofing essential when you have young children.   The Consumer Product Safety Commission (cpsc) recommends cabinet locks and so do we. Infant House recommends locking all the cabinet drawers and doors below the counter top.  This helps eliminate a whole bunch of choking hazards.  On top of that, cuts from knives, scissors and even pizza cutters can be eliminated with secured cabinets.  Locked cabinets also help prevent puncture wounds from skewers, accidental poisonings, pinched or even severed fingers.  Lastly, cabinet locks help damage to the contents of the cabinets such as glassware or other breakables. This is why cabinet locks are a baby proofing essential.   There are dozens of different kinds of latches to choose from on the market, it is overwhelming!  Ever wonder what the professionals use?

“Do it yourself” homeowners and many professional companies use spring type cabinet latches.  These are the latches whereas you open the cabinet door or drawer about an inch and half and press down on the latch to open it.  These latches are not very good.  They break, they bend and most 18 month old babies know how to operate them.

This is what makes us the professionals

Infant House only uses the best latches on the market and currently it is a cabinet latch that is opened using a magnetic key.  We use them on both drawers and doors throughout our client’s homes, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Here is the best part, are you ready for this:  these latches can be turned on or off.

If you are in the kitchen and whipping up a big meal, turn the locks off so that you are not frustrated.  When you are done cooking and not supervising the kitchen any longer, just turn them back on.  When you no longer need the latches for your current child, simply turn them off.  If a new baby comes along, you can turn them back on or, save them for when grand babies start arriving.  Whichever happens first.  If you move, just leave them for the new family.

You can do the same thing for your bathroom.  When you are getting ready in the morning, save yourself some frustration and turn the locks off and then please turn them back on when you leave.

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