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Looking for parenting & baby proofing products recommended by a professional? With over 18 years of professional baby proofing experience and as the dad of twins, these are some of the products that have benefited both my family and my clients alike. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases — but I would recommend these products even if you buy them another way. I hope they will add value to the lives of you and your family as they have with mine.

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This one was the game changer for me and made a new dad out of me in less than a week. IMO, this is the “how to” book series for parenting. I started when my kids were 8months old and I felt like I was 2 months late. 

Dads with daughters

This book is for dads with daughters, very insightful and is a must read.

Parents with boys

This book is for both parents, especially moms. With my boy/girl twins, this one helped reinforce the behavioral differences between boys and girls.

Parent finance

Finances are a leading cause of divorce. Let’s get all the parents on the road to “financial peace”.

Teach money to kids

Get your kiddos in “financial fitness”. We followed these principles and now we have two “natural savers”. We gave them a generous allowance at 6 years old. First off, 10% to the church. Then, you cannot go to a birthday party without a gift (fyi, birthday parties with twins was about to break the bank). This helped my twins be more discerning about going to birthday parties.

Baby safety gates & installation components


Kidco Angle gate white

My company has used this child safety gate since it first came onto the market. It is complex and could be a challenge for DIYers. The good news is that the gate does not need to be perpendicular to the walls/banisters. It can operate at an angle!

Newel post clamps

The newel post is the larger post that you see at the ends of most staircases. This clamp helps keep us from having to drill holes into the posts. Choose black or white to match the color of your home.

Baluster clamps

A lot of people call the balusters, spindles. Balusters support the handrail. These clamps aid us when a newel post is not an option.

Door Safety



This is my invention! This childproof door lock operates from both sides of the door so that you don’t lock other adults out. Baby proofing professional around the globe use this door latch.

Bi-fold (accordion) door lock

This door lock is super simple to install and use on bi-fold doors. It helps keep little fingers from getting pinched, or worse.

Pocket door lock

This is the best latch on the market for pocket doors.

One-piece door stops (3 colors)

Eliminate the choking hazards of a traditional door stop with these one-piece door stops.

Bathroom Safety


Cabinet locks

Did you know that tooth paste can be poisonous? Tot loks can be a challenge for the DIYer. We have used them for 18+ years. I saw some from an installation I did 8 years ago and they were still operating as designed.

Toilet lock

No tools required to install this childproof toilet lock. It is a good one.

Furniture Safety


Furniture/TV strap

This is my favorite furniture/TV strap. It has an easy release buckle to quickly move furniture if needed.

Electrical Safety


Outlet cover

Childproof all your outlets below the counter top with these. They are really good parenting & baby proofing products I recommend.

Power strip cover

With this childproof power strip cover, you power strip is secure in just a few minutes. No tools required.

Kitchen Safety


Cabinet locks

Protect your child from obvious injury from “under the sink” chemicals and sharp knives. Also, these locks help prevent damage to your kitchen appliances and glassware.  Tot loks can be a challenge for the DIYer. We have used them for 18+ years.

Childproof oven lock

These are adhesive oven locks and they work well. We clean the surface with alcohol prior to application. Also, allow the adhesive to “cure” for 24 hours before engaging the lock.  Tip: Look both ways before you open a hot oven as toddlers are really fast.

General Safety


Carbon monoxide detector

I am shocked by the number of homes that are CO detector poor. If you have a gas supply to your home, install this today! I install these at eye level so that it is easy to change the batteries.

Smoke detector

These are code for new homes. Be sure you test them and change the batteries at least once a year.

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