Baby Safety Cabinet Locks – Dallas | Fort Worth Texas

Infant House baby safety experts recommend that parents lock all drawers and doors below the counter top regardless of the contents.  Baby Safety Cabinet Locks – Dallas | Fort Worth Texas will prevent accidental poisoning, chemical burns as well as pinched/severed fingers.

Baby Safety Cabinet Locks – Dallas | Fort Worth Texas

Please choose your latches carefully as some allow cabinets to be opened about an inch or so.  While your children may not be able to remove any items, they can still damage their fingers.  The best solution is this lock that we install pictured below in the center of the drawer.

Baby Safety Cabinet Locks - Dallas | Fort Worth Texas

These ”top of the line” latches will not allow the drawers or doors top open without using a special magnetic key, which is easily placed out of reach by the parent.  An added benefit of these latches is that they may be inactivated, ”turned off” when they are not needed and easily activated, ”turned on” when necessary.  This is also beneficial for a grandparent’s or caregiver’s home when the children visit occasionally.  Infant House child safety experts install thousands of these latches every year since 2004.  These  Baby Safety Cabinet Locks – Dallas | Fort Worth Texas are durable and never have to be removed.  They can be turned off and simply stay for the next family or grand babies, whichever happens next.

We have worked with thousands of families in the last 14+ years, we love what we do and it shows with terrific reviews and testimonials from our clients and Infant House is doctor recommend. Our baby proofing experts are highly trained, insured professionals. Each member of our team in DallasFort Worth, Austin and San Antonio has undergone an extensive background check.

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