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Childproofing Furniture

Childproofing furniture includes several steps.  One of the steps must be to prevent the furniture from tipping over.  Also, we must keep heavy items from falling on our children.  Year after year, many children do not survive tip-over related injuries and even more are treated in emergency departments.

How does This Happen

Children like to climb on furniture.  Seems like for them, the home is a playground.  Tip-over related injuries involve heavy objects falling on an individual as a result of some kind of interaction with it.  For example, climbing or pulling on an item while it is in a position of normal use.  This interaction with the item results in the center of gravity of the item changing.  When the item falls on an individual, the injuries are typically crushing or compressing in nature.

Just the Facts

81 percent of tip-over fatalities occur in the home.

2/3 of TV and furniture tip-over fatalities involve toddlers.
42 percent of tip-over fatalities occur in a bedroom.
A TV can fall with the force of thousands of pounds. That is 10 times more powerful than being hit by a NFL lineman.
Every 15 minutes someone in the U.S. is injured by furniture tip-over.
On average, one child dies every two weeks when a TV or furniture falls onto him or her.
The majority of tip-over incidents result in head injuries.
An estimated annual average of 38,000 emergency department-treated injuries are associated with TV or furniture tip-overs.

*Breaking News*

Childproofing furniture is an important step in preventing childhood injuries in the home.  Infant House was just named by the Anchor It! division of the Consumer Product Safety Commission as the newest community leader.  Further more, we are honored to have this designation.

Childproofing Recommendation

Infant House recommends tethering all furniture 3 or more drawers tall, changing tables, all book cases, armoires, grandfather clocks and other unstable furniture to the wall.  All TVs must be secured as well.  In addition, heavy items on top of furniture, such as a potted plant or sculpture must be secured or removed.  Infant House makes these recommendations for all homes with children up through 7 years of age.

What Product Do I Use?

There are many child proofing products on the market for restraining furniture.  Use caution, many of the products are not very good and do not meet our standards.  Infant House uses professional grade straps for child proofing furniture.  You can choose either black or white straps and installation takes about 20 minutes for each piece.


Child proofing the furniture in your home will help prevent:

  1.  Injury to your child.
  2.  Damage to furniture and your TV
  3. Damage to the contents of  your furniture

About the Author:

Jack Smith is a child proofing expert with Infant House, a child safety company serving the Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio Texas areas. He is the Daddy of boy/girl twins.  Affiliated with the International Association for Child Safety.  Contributing author of “Chaos 2 Calm the moms-of-multiples’ guide to an organized family”.  Seen on CBS and inventor of the GlideLok – a childproof door latch sold worldwide. or call 866-Infant5 (866-463-2685) for your in-home child proofing evaluation.  Sources:  cpsc, 01/17

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