Childproof and Dog Proof Door Latches in Austin, Texas

Childproof and Dog Proof Door Latches in Austin, Texas

Childproof door locks are traditionally marketed, as their name implies, as a way to protect children. However, the GlideLok is useful for more than just that. The GlideLok, while great for preventing your child’s access to specific areas of your house, also can prevent access for dogs. Speaking of dogs, a report by Wallethub says Austin is one of the friendliest cities in the United States for pets. So if you live in Austin and don’t have a pet, you are in a great place to get one. If you do have a dog or plan on getting one, you may want to keep your dog from roaming your house. The GlideLok is perfect for keeping dogs in a specific area that keeps your dog safe. The versatility of the GlideLok is what makes it the best when compared to other childproof and dog proof door latches in Austin, Texas. If you would like to purchase the GlideLok, please click here. For help with installation, please contact Infant House of Austin, Texas. Please feel free to also look at their Google reviews here.

How does the GlideLok help protect your dog?

Childproof and Dog Proof Door Latches in Austin, Texas

One of the biggest hazards for your dog in your house is food. Dogs will over-eat and can get sick just from that, even if the food is safe for them in normal amounts. If they get into food that is harmful to them, such as chocolate brownies, they could get sick that much faster. Over-eating and indiscriminate eating are forms of grazing. Grazing can be harmful to your dog and hurt you financially. Whether it is taking your dog to the vet or replacing food that they ate, either way it doesn’t have positive outcomes. The GlideLok can prevent grazing by limiting your dog’s access to parts of the house you don’t want them in. Whether it’s the pantry, kitchen, or the place where you store their treats, the GlideLok can help you keep it closed and secured.

Another reason you should purchase the GlideLok for your dog is to prevent them from roaming freely. Whether it is going outside unattended or just moving through the house freely, they can potentially harm themselves or damage your home. The GlideLok is the best in comparison to other childproof door locks in Austin, Texas at preventing this. The GlideLok sits on top of the door, meaning you have full control over whether your dog has access. Since you don’t want your dog rummaging through your clothes or jewelry, maybe you decide to lock your bedroom door. If your dog isn’t potty trained, a GlideLok can prevent access to all the doors leading to rooms with carpet. If your dog likes to eat grass, a GlideLok can prevent them from going outside unattended. Whatever your reasoning, the GlideLok can help you protect your dog and your home.

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The GlideLok is perfect for protecting your dog from hazards in your house. Whether it is to prevent grazing or to prevent unsupervised roaming, the GlideLok can help. The GlideLok can also protect your house from any damage your dog may accidentally cause. Whatever your reason, the GlideLok can help. The GlideLok’s versatility and accessibility work together to make it the best out of all the other childproof and dog proof door latches in Austin, Texas.

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