Baby Proofing Dallas Texas Doors Today

The baby proofing experts at Infant House recommend that when baby proofing Dallas Texas doors today, that you use quality products.  Doors leading outside or to dangerous rooms need to be secured.  There are a lot of products on the market and quite frankly, most of them are not very good.  Currently Infant House uses the GlideLok.


The GlideLok is a trademarked name for this latch that is produced by Predictable Solutions and was invented by the childproofing expert, Jack Smith with Infant House.  After years of testing and listening to their client’s, the GlideLok entered the market and is now used around the world.

Baby Proofing Dallas Texas Doors Today

The GlideLok has a removable spacer that allows it to fit most interior and exterior doors.  It simply sits atop the door and then it manually glides to the side to catch the secured pin in the door frame.  The beauty of the GlideLok is that it can be operated from either side of the door yet almost impossible for a child to operate.

Baby Proofing Dallas Texas Doors Today

Infant House is ready to work with you to protect your family.  You may call us at 866-463-2685 or send us your request for baby proofing service here.  We love what we do and it shows by all of the great reviews from our terrific clients.  Currently the GlideLok is available for retail sale.  Please allow us to make your house an ”Infant House”.

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