Child Safety Electrical Outlets | Dallas Texas Baby Proofing

Baby proofing your home is more complete after addressing Child Safety Electrical Outlets | Dallas Texas Baby Proofing.  Infant House childproofing experts recommend that all outlets below the counter top be secured to prevent electric shock or worse.  One of the most popular items to do this with is the outlet plug.  Unfortunately, these are easily pulled out by your child and pose an additional choking hazard.  These plugs actually add a concern to your life instead of eliminating one.

Implementing Child Safety Electrical Outlets | Dallas Texas Baby Proofing

The best solution is to switch our your existing plate covers with a spring-loaded sliding electrical outlet plate.  These are very easy for adults to use, but are difficult for children to manipulate.

Surge protectors and outlet strips are a hazard as well, and the little orange/red light is a baby magnet.  Use a power strip cover to secure the hazard.

Child Safety Electrical Outlets | Dallas Texas Baby Proofing

Child Safety Electrical Outlets | Dallas Texas Baby Proofing

Client Reviews

 Ramin R., MD said:

 … Infant House was amazing! …great job, on time. …very clean, organized, and helpful. Pricing was very fair!

Kimberly K. said:

Infant House was very knowledgeable when it comes to infant/child safety and “baby-proofing” ones home. They took the time to come out and walk through each room and provide their recommendations on products and services. Based on their recommendations, you can select the services/products that best suite your needs at the time. We have a large 5500 sq ft home and did quite a bit of baby-proofing including all new safe plug outlets in the home and lock/magnetic systems in the kitchen on all the cabinets and drawers. I would recommend Infant House of Dallas to anyone looking for these types of services!

Jennifer S. said:

Infant House did an amazing job. They came out and installed several gates and baby proofed many areas of the house. They even gave me suggestions on other things I should do to baby proof, like moving end tables that could be easily pulled over onto one of the girls. I received a very thorough quote and I could pick and choose which items I wanted installed by the professionals and which I could do myself.

Infant House saved me a lot of time and made sure my girls would be safe. I would recommend them to anyone looking to baby proof their homes.

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