Baby Proofing Baby Safety for Twins in Austin Texas

Baby Proofing Baby Safety for Twins in Austin Texas

Before starting our business, Infant House Baby Proofing Baby Safety for Twins in Austin Texas, my wife and I were blessed with twins.  We took our responsibility very seriously when it came to baby proofing: however, we made a lot of mistakes due to lack of information.  There are a lot of products on the market and some of the most popular and least expensive are not very good.  Thankfully, we avoided any unintentional baby proofing injuries, and we discovered a market for baby proofing homes for others.

Baby Proofing Baby Safety for Twins in Austin Texas

Multiples present challenges to baby proofing that singletons do not.  Parents of multiples are going to have more than one child exploring and neither child knows better.  The following are just some of the challenges parents of multiples are faces with:

Multiples can move in different directions; you move in one.

Even if they are in the same room, you potentially can only see one at a time.

Two toddlers are stronger than one.

Also, multiples will have the opportunity to injure each other; whereas, a singleton can only injure themselves.  For instance, instead of having a pinched finger from cabinet door for a singleton, you may have a more severe injury from a sibling closing the door on the other’s finger.  OUCH!

Our Process for Baby Proofing Baby Safety for Twins in Austin Texas

The best place to begin with Baby Proofing Baby Safety for Twins in Austin Texas is with an in-home consultation.  This is a room-by-room tour through the home with one or both of the parents.  We use an extensive checklist to survey our client’s homes.

An overall home recommendation is to remove or secure all heirlooms for a period of time to avoid damage.  If possible, move these items as well as other knickknacks out of reach of the children.  Not only does this save your belongings, but it also limits the number of times you have to say ”no”.  As a simple example, change any stones coasters the coffee table to rubber, and thereby save the coasters and your wood furniture from damage.

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