Custom Fit Pet Gate – Dallas – Fort Worth Texas

Pets are often times called ”Fur Babies” and are loved by their family.  As parents to our pets, it is our responsibility to protect them from injury, our guests from getting jumped on or knocked down by an overly happy dog and protect our houses from pet damage.  A Custom Fit Pet Gate – Dallas – Fort Worth Texas may be the solution to all three issues.

Custom Fit Pet Gate – Dallas – Fort Worth Texas

Dog Proofing Experts - Custom Fit Pet Gate - Dallas - Fort Worth Texas

Dog Proofing Your House

Over the years, Infant House has worked with many clients to dog proof their houses.  The number one item we have installed is Custom Fit Pet Gate – Dallas – Fort Worth Texas.  After this, we have installed numerous cabinet locks to keep curious pets out of dangerous cabinets.

Client Reviews

Lindsey P. said:

What a relief.  Infant house came in and literally solved all of my baby proofing problems with in days.  I mean I have every cabinet, desk, dresser, door etc etc etc done and it was ALLOT trust me I could have never done it on my own.  The work was seamless, and [Infant House] was very professional [they] didn’t leave behind any mess or trash it was like [they were not] even there.  All the equipment and products [they]installed have had ZERO problems for the last year I think they will last forever and they could even add value to the house.  Most items can easily be put into a mode where they are not function-able so in the future when my children get old I wont still be fighting the child locks, but if a new family moves in with children/babies it will already be done.  I don’t mind paying if the work is good and the quality is good.  I thought it was high at first but after he installed everything it was worth every penny and now I can’t imagine not having the installation.  I would recommend [Infant House childproofing experts] 100% to anyone that wants to get their house proofed or even just a few items.

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