Black Baby Safety Gate San Antonio & San Marcos Texas

Infant House childproofing experts often recommend a Black Baby Safety Gate San Antonio & San Marcos Texas.  When the house interior is painted with any one of the many off-white colors sometimes a professionally installed black child safety gate is the best choice to avoid a color clash.

 Black Baby Safety Gate San Antonio & San Marcos Texas

 Black Baby Safety Gate San Antonio & San Marcos Texas

Black Baby Safety Gate San Antonio & San Marcos Texas

Some parents are reluctant to have gates installed as they fear the damage to the walls caused from the screws.  Our clients are relieved to find out that our gates attach to walls with tiny screws.  The screws we use are about 1/2 the size of a pencil and the hole is easily repaired with putty and paint.  As a bonus, all of the child safety gates that we currently install are removable and it takes just seconds to take it down or put it back up as needed.

Client Reviews:

Phyllis B. said:

I could not be more pleased with InfantHouse! The detail in the work done is amazing. Not only is the quality of work excellent, but the punctuality and customer service is as well. We had InfantHouse come out 2 different times. The first time they did such quality work, after changes in the house and purchasing new furniture, we asked them to come out again. It was not a surprise when we were just as satisfied with the installation as the first. Go with InfantHouse!!! You will be assured your house is safe for your little ones!!!

Leacy C. said:

[Infant House] was on time, very polite and answered all the questions we had about baby proofing. . . . [They] went though [every] room and explained in detail what would be a must and if we wanted to be ultra careful what they suggested. . . . I was just over all impressed and [they] did not just try to sell you everything in the world you don’t need, [they] truly cared about the safety of the children and not just trying to make money.

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Infant house will help you choose the right products. Many of the products we use for baby proofing your house cannot be found in retail stores. You can relax with peace of mind with our professional installation of:

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