Austin San Antonio Texas Child Proof Stair Gates

Austin San Antonio Texas Child Proof Stair Gates

These Austin San Antonio Texas Child Proof Stair Gates will help prevent the children from climbing the stairs unattended.  The ”no damage” clamping system used at the top on the newel posts and at the bottom for the balusters is perfect for this family.

Austin San Antonio Texas Child Proof Stair Gates

Austin San Antonio Texas Child Proof Stair Gates

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The childproofing experts at Infant House will bring you peace of mind. Babies learn very quickly in their first year. For parents, it is a welcome surprise to see how soon they begin exploring their world. Before this happens, you will want to childproof your home to ensure your child’s safety and allow yourself to relax.

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We have worked with thousands of families in the last 12+ years, we love what we do and it shows with terrific reviews and testimonials from our clients. Our childproofing experts are highly trained, insured professionals. Each member of our team has undergone an extensive background check and is ready to be childproofing your home.

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Kelly G. said:

Absolutely LOVE Infant House! Very honest, professional and punctilious. As a first time mother I did not have time to do the extensive research on the best baby products when it comes to child proofing or even the proper way to do it. By hiring Infant House they made the entire process completely stress free. [We] started with the consultation where [Infant House] took the time to examine every square inch of my house and explained what my options were. [Infant House] brought things to my attention that I would have never thought would be such a child safety hazard, but I am so glad [they] did!!! Great experience. I highly recommend Infant House… This is a MUST for any first time mother!!!

Gina M. said:

Couldn’t be happier with Infant House. [Infant House] knew I was anxious to get the baby gates in after the consultation so [they] scheduled me quickly following the consultation. [They] spent the day at my house taking [their] time to do a good job. I am extremely pleased with [their] work. [They were] very friendly and did an excellent job of ensuring my kiddos will stay safe. It was worth the cost and I will certainly recommend them.

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