Fort Worth Child Safety Consultant

Consultant - Fort WorthLuke Endres is your child safety consultant serving most of Tarrant and Denton Counties. Luke compliments our team with his patience, professionalism and integrity. We asked Luke a few questions about child safety and his personal life.

IH: What do you like about being a child safety consultant?

Luke: I love being able to help people. So much of what we do is often overlooked when it comes to child safety. As a parent I overlooked, or didn’t even know about many hazards, until I started working with Infant House. I wish someone had taught me those things sooner! I enjoy helping people learn about how to keep the most important thing in their lives safe, their children.

IH: What is your favorite child safety item to install?

Luke: I like the furniture straps because they’re so important! I never thought about them in my home until I started working with Infant House. I don’t want any children injured because their parents didn’t think it was important to strap down the furniture.

IH: What is the most common overlooked hazard that you encounter when doing child safety evaluations?

Luke: I think the thing I have seen overlooked most often is doorstops. Most doorstops that are installed have a rubber cap that will come off, The cap is a choking hazard and the kids love to chew on them.

IH: What is the most common compliment you receive from clients?

Luke: I had one client invite me to stop by anytime I was in the area, that was the best compliment I’ve received! The most common response I’ve received is a general thanks from my clients for my child safety workmanship. They know that their children are safer now that work is done. It’s a weight taken off their shoulders.

IH: How long have you lived in the North Texas area and what do you like best?

Luke: I just love Texas. There is a general friendliness with most people that I don’t think you can quite find anywhere else. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, almost all of it in the North Texas area, all 30+ years now.

IH: What activities do you like to do outside of work?

Luke: Board and card games are probably my favorite things to do outside of work. I also enjoy getting in a little video game time every now and then.

IH: Please tell us about your family.

Luke: My wife and I have 3 children. My whole life revolves around them, there is nothing more important to me. We are big fans of the Texas Rangers baseball team and love to go watch them play whenever we get a chance.