Oct 20 2021

Childproofing Near Me

We all want services that are near me, including ”childproofing near me”.  If you live near one of the major ...
These 6 kitchen safety tips could reduce injuries to your family.

Oct 17 2021

Childproofing Houston Texas Experts

Infant House is your childproofing Houston Texas experts.  Your child’s safety is too important to rely on advice from an ...

Oct 11 2021

Bathroom Childproof Door Locks in San Antonio

Bathrooms are notoriously dangerous for young children. According to a study on, each year, over 51,000 children in the United ...

Oct 5 2021

Baby Proofing Near Me

We all want services that are near me, including ”baby proofing near me”.  If you are near one of the ...

Oct 3 2021

Childproof and Dog Proof Door Latches in Austin, Texas

Childproof door locks are traditionally marketed, as their name implies, as a way to protect children. However, the GlideLok is ...

Sep 26 2021

Baby Safety Gate Installation for Houston Texas

The best place for us to start with baby safety gate installation for Houston Texas is with a contact.  During ...

Sep 19 2021

Baby Proof Door Locks in Dallas for Home Theaters

Home Theaters in Dallas can be expensive. For instance, DFW Home Theater has packages ranging between $1,700 and $35,000. After ...

Sep 12 2021

Baby Proof Home Office Door Lock in Houston Texas

A room that is often overlooked when it concerns your child’s safety is the home office. While it can be ...

Sep 3 2021


It is a good idea to give the baby a lower cabinet in the kitchen.  This way they can feel ...

Aug 1 2021


Baby proofing is not necessary, my parents did not baby proof for me and I turned out alright. This is ...

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